Justin Lane known by his stage name as J.P. is an American singer/songwriter in American Pop/Rock.

I do what I wAnt! is completed and available in the online store and in Rudy’s BBQ. The album includes “Ukulele.”

The multitalented singer, songwriter and musician was born to a musical family in Dayton, OH. Mother being a flutist and vocalist and father a guitarist and singer. Although J.P. was too young to see his father perform at his events, he grew up playing in the church band together. J.P. started out as a drummer for many years.

After he graduated high school, J.P. left his home town of Green Bay, WI and joined the U.S. Army. He soon was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010-2011. While there, J.P. was on a mission as a Combat Engineer searching for IEDs and was hit. Driving his truck, a 200lb IED struck directly under his seat and penetrated the armored vehicle. The outcome of this horrific blast was the loss of both his legs, right middle finger and 24 other injuries, mostly internal.

With intense physical training, hard work and dedication to never giving up, J.P. has been able to overcome obstacles never thought by doctors. Walking around with ease and pursuing a lifestyle not sought by most in his situation, J.P. is becoming what he has always wanted to be...a pop/rock artist.

J.P. has performed at the Presidential Ball for the 2012-2013 Presidential Inauguration. Also, at black tie events around Texas.


J.P.'s ultimate goal..."to inspire everyone I can to never give up their goals and dreams."